lunes, 21 de marzo de 2016

Too little time

I wish I said something else that last day, I wish I said everything I thought of while being with you this short couple of days. I also wanted my last five minutes to let you know how dauntingly comfortable I felt around you, that even the occasional silence between us was meaningful, filled with uncertainty, insecurity, and maybe a bit of desperation. But I did not take my last five minutes. I lost them after walking away that day.

I wanted to show you all the love that is possible to fit into a time table between ice breaking and your eager pursue to jump into emptiness, but it just wasn´t enough. Every time I wanted to look into your eyes caress your face and reply ¨yes my love¨ but I couldn´t grasp my courage. In a way I didn´t want words to take the space and time I needed to feel and breathe your warm skin, or to look into your eyes and tell you how much I love hearing your voice, and that you gripping my hand felt just like being at home. I guess time is too little for all that honest love.   

I wish maybe one day I could wait for you at the bottom of a cliff so you could jump into my sweet embrace. I think I know how much you would love that and I can almost see you smiling back at me. And I would love to have all the time to warm your nights with all my colours. We would have so much time that we could even watch all the Disney movies we want and still easily arrange to cipher both of earth´s skies. And I know you would love that too.

But in the end I can only come down to tell you one single wish, and that was the last thing I asked you before walking away that day… Please take good care of yourself. Because most of all, I want you to keep that expression of joy that only thin air under your feet is able to give you. And that is defiantly what I would love the most. 

...And I think my five minutes are up. 

3 comentarios:

Anónimo dijo...

Me lo quedo, solo porque te extraño, y porque repaso a menudo el caminar de unas 50 cuadras a tu lado.

fabi dijo...

muy lindo! sldos fabian

Anónimo dijo...

donde andaras amor mio que no te puedo olvidar? Quisiera salir a fumar a las 3 de la mañana en Santiago solo para volverte a ver.

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